Welcome to equivocations.info. We are here to provide you with a selection of art after your taste. For more info read the Introduction by Penny Rafferty.

Equivocations: Below are lists of the art works that you can stream for free and are sorted alphabetically. ENJOY WATCHING YOUR FAVORITE ART!!

Art works

After two hundred years it’s time for an afterparty, part 3
Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse, Hampus Behm, Helle Lindskog, Eugene Sundelius Von Rosen
Consistent Ambivalence
Robin Yerlès
Marta PCampos
Only dive in designated Areas
Line Finderup Jensen
Naifei Wu
Rock Rub
Rachel Stuckey
Vermis Auricularis
Francis Kamprath
Innocent Answer
You are Beautiful
Brandon Davis
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